3% of daily income— unique offer to automatically earn ETH!

100% of security— your payouts are guaranteed by Ethereum blockchain network, owners can not influence on the process.

Smart contract 100% tested— contract was audited by independent high level specialists.
watch the results [rus]

Every hour income— contract allows you to request payout every hour

Partnership— you will receive 3% of each deposit of your referral. Your referrals will receive 3% bonus only on first deposit.

Making a deal
  • Min. investment - 0.01 ETH (~$2).
  • Commission fees are paid by smart-contract.
  • You can additionally earn 3% of your investment once, if specify the referrer address in the field DATA while transferring ETH.
  • Smart-contract can not be changed or stopped, it is impossible.
  • Investor can request his dividends by himself sending 0 ETH to the address of the smart-contract.

How to invest?how to

By gorgona.io you can earn 3% daily of your deposits.

Register your own wallet

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Register your own wallet

To start earning on gorgona.io
you should register your own ETH wallet.
You can register it easily , just check our instructions.

how to register your own wallet

how to top up your own wallet

Make your investment

Do you already have some ETH? Great, just click the button.

Now, it's turn to make your first investment!

min. investment 0.01 ETH Recommended gas amount - 250000
Earn your ETH

Cool!From now on you will receive your constant profit 3% / daily of the total amount of your deposits, to the wallet from which you have made your payments.

Gorgona Killer

Current gorgona killer becomes common referrer for investors without referrer.
To become gorgona killer you must invest more than previous killer.


296 ETH


Invite and earnAfter each referral investment you will receive 3% of his investment as bonus.

How to invite?To become your referral, you future referral should specify your address in field DATA, while transferring ETH.

Referral will be rewardedYour referral will receive 3% of his first investment back as bonus.

Your referral link


Get your ref. link

For generate your referral link, please, specify the ETH address which was used while investment.

ETH address is incorrect


Investment portfolioportfolio

You can view all information about your investments,
dividends and referrals.

Or view address from history

    Your investment

    Block time

    Your dividends

    Block time Type of income

    Your referrals investments

    Block time Referral address

    Your referrals

    Referral address

    Using your MetaMask wallet you will send 0 ETH
    to the smart-contract address.



    The source code of smart contract is fully open and match everything this website describes.


    Smart contract was pushed to blockchain and now can not be changed by somebody

    Decentralized network

    Auto-payouts each day.
    Payouts guaranteed by open-source API

    Load tested

    Contract was tested to be used by a lot of investors


    Got questions?
    Follow the FAQ, maybe it helps.

    Smart contract - is the program, which was pushed to Ethereum blockchain. Program is called each time you transfer ETH to contract address. After push, the code of the contract could not be changed by somebody.

    The dev team have more than 10 years of successful experience. We have investigated similar projects, and have fixed all bugs and failures.

    The source code of the smart contract is available at etherscan.info. You should view the code.

    It means, that owner does not have power in that contract.
    He can't change code of this contract. And if smth happens with the owner, every investor could use public methods to take his dividends back.

    Our project is very unique, you do not need account on the website! Also you don't need to store your login or password, just use your ETH wallet address. And then smart-contract will constantly transfer to your ETH wallet daily dividends.

    You should transfer more than 0.01 ETH to contract address 0x020e13faF0955eFeF0aC9cD4d2C64C513ffCBdec

    The greatest thing of Gorgona.io - is the 100% of proof that owners would not take investors money. This opportunity is only possible in Ethereum blockchain, which only works with ETH.
    But you always can easily exchange any other currency to ETH.
    Show me how

    Never send ETH from stock exchange! In this case all payouts will be transferred to stock.
    Use your own ETH wallet.

    Sure, system will summary all your investments, and will pay you 3% of income according to this summary

    You can use public API function getInvestorDividendsAmount specifying your ETH wallet address.
    You can use public API at 0x020e13faF0955eFeF0aC9cD4d2C64C513ffCBdec

    This kind of error can occur when you specify too small amount of gas (Ethereum transfer commission).
    In this case you should specify a bigger value while transferring ETH to the smart-contract address.
    All unused gas will be returned to your wallet, don't worry.
    Recommended amount of gas: 250000.

    System will pay you automatically each day (each 24 hours).

    You can receive your income.
    For this purposes you should send 0 ETH to the smart-contract address.

    The function payout — is public. This means that everybody can call it using public API.

    You can check your payout from Gorgona.io by visiting your public ETH wallet info at website etherscan.io.
    Next, you should enter your wallet address in the input at the top right corner of the website, and press GO.
    You will see all information about your ETH wallet.
    Then you need to open "Internal Txns" tab. (transactions made by smart contracts). And then find by "From" column income from our smart-contract address 0x020e13faF0955eFeF0aC9cD4d2C64C513ffCBdec.
    That's all.

    Sure, You will receive 3% of all investments of your referrals.
    Also! Your referral will receive 3% of his investment back.

    Your referral should specify your ETH Wallet Address in field DATA, while transferring ETH.
    Attentions! You must have investment in smart contract.

    Sure, you will receive 3% of each investment made by your referrals.


    Each investment splits into



    Adverts & PR